Software and Resources

Maximize your organization’s utilization of the Kina platform.

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Our library contains an ever growing set of documents about how to use Kina and how Kina works.

Connect Kina With Your Environment

There are multiple ways to send and receive documents and information in an automated manner with Kina.

Kina Listener

The simplest way to get started is to download and install the Kina Listener, which runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.   The Kina Listener watches a user specified folder in your environment and automatically sends documents that are present there to a designated user and upload profile in Kina.  It will also retrieve completed work and store, place and name it as you specify.  It includes the ability to perform additional post-processing work once documents and information are received, to enable ease of integration with a content management system or other repository.

Javascript Client Libraries

Open source Javascript client libraries that implement the send and receive API are available on GitHub that can be used with Node.js.