Accelerate service delivery and fulfillment.

Kina separates, identifies and validates documents and their data which are used in your organization’s processes. Kina can interact with email, shared drive content, uploads, and directly with your applications. Kina can learn new document types with only one example.

Advanced Processing Capabilities.

Documents coming from multiple channels? You need consistent naming and validation?

We’ve got you covered.

From email, share drives, uploads, or generated from your applications, Kina will recognize, name and consistently process received documents.

What about that scan job? Kina can separate that out into individual documents as well.

Use for compliance, consistency and peace of mind.

Information Extraction.

No more manual entry! Kina extracts information from PDFs, Excel, TIFFs, Word and more. Kina will perform OCR if necessary.

Whether you are extracting a single value, tables, or fields, Kina can extract critical information and structure it specifically for your own systems.

Have a big blob of documents? Kina can separate, identify, extract concepts, dates, names, account numbers, tax IDs, etc. so you know what you have and what to do with it.

Use for fast turn around to clients, prospects and regulators.

Document Workflow.

Once you have the information, you can act and make decisions.

Route documents to different processes based on your business rules.

You can operate completely ‘lights out’, where Kina takes care of the process beginning to end or on criteria you decide. Send to user review queues, send links, attachments, and route to destinations, either in your environment or in the cloud.

And don’t worry, Kina keeps a map of what you built always up to date, so you always know what path a document can take.

No coding required.

Kina has a simple browser based drag and drop process and queue designer that makes life easier for describing what you need Kina to do.

There is no coding required to get work done and build your logic. Just configure the steps you need Kina to take.

This makes Kina easier to modify when your business rules and conditions change.

Go as deep as you need. Kina can call your AWS Lambda functions for maximum extensibility.

And remember, we are always here to help!

Integration With Your Environment.

Kina makes it easy to connect with your own environment.

Getting documents to Kina is simple. Kina supports direct uploads, email receipt, and, with our Listener, can send from folders in your environment.

Once a document completes processing, Kina can automatically send documents and actionable information to your environment and even connect to your own applications via our Listener application for complete end to end automation.

Don’t worry. We can help you every step of the way.

Security in transit and at rest.

Kina has been built from day 1 with data security as a core feature.

Kina uses HTTPS to transport data to and from your organization.

Your transaction information is encrypted using PKI and AES-256 encryption within Kina. Every user is issued a private key that only they can use to unlock documents and information they are entitled to see. Your users’ private keys stay in your organization and are never stored in Kina.

Documents and their data are always encrypted while at rest on our servers.

Connect with the Cloud.

Need to send documents to cloud destinations or access cloud computing resources? No problem.

Kina has connectors built into the platform that make it simple to connect your processing to cloud components, whether for storage or processing.

Kina connects to Box.com, Dropbox.com, S3 and Lambda, as well as Thompson Reuters Open Calais analysis service.

For example, you can send certain documents to a Box.com location and others to an internal location. Kina makes it easy to make sure your documents get put in the correct location.

We also support Box and S3 metadata elements.

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