Accelerate Response Times.

Service customers, prospects and other parties with speed and accuracy.
The right information is crucial to sound decisions and client experience. Often organizations struggle with documents because they typically come from multiple places, in multiple formats, and are received by multiple people. Additionally, they are often filed with personal filing schemes. Without training and controls, the extraction of information can be error prone and manual, which leads to delays and confusion. Knowledge workers typically only find the information they need 56% of the time. In fact, they spend an average of 1.8 hours every day searching for and gathering information. This wasted time translates to roughly $20K per knowledge worker per year.
Drive consistency into your document receipt and processing.
Kina enables you to quickly and easily define your processing rules and controls to meet your specific requirements. Kina can detect missing signatures as well as determine if crucial and required pages are missing. Automatically alert relevant parties based on conditions and information presence. No coding required.
Reduce or eliminate manual entry.
With automatic document recognition and separation without bar codes, and simple to sophisticated data extraction from PDFs, TIFFs and Excel, Kina will accelerate your service times and improve service levels. And when you do need to review, Kina presents documents and their information for review, edits and approval by the appropriate people, at the right point in the process.
Defensible compliance and controls.
Eliminate manual user processes by adding review queues, controlled routing and collaboration within the Kina platform. Documents can be presented in a way to operational teammates that prevent local storage if required. Kina keeps an up to date map and report of how document rules apply that is always one click away.
Fits within your existing workflow.
If you receive documents by email, fax and other channels today, Kina can easily fit into your existing processes without integration and capital investment. Kina can listen to mailing lists in your own organization to capture attachments, route and apply rules and policies, and deliver to file systems, cloud storage, email and other locations securely and simply.

Sort and Identify Unstructured Information.

Amplify your ability to sift business value and meaning from your unstructured information.
A majority of an organization’s data and information is locked away in unstructured formats which is costly to leverage, and creates legal and market risk. Simply drag and drop your documents into a folder or your web browser to analyze and extract concepts, accounts, people, social security numbers and keywords of interest.
Tag and group documents by their content.
Kina provides a simple mechanism to create structured groupings of documents, organized by content requirements that you specify.
Build triggers based on document content.
Interested in an event, person, account in a corpus of documents? Kina can build simple to sophisticated triggers that can tag, run rules and apply policies to documents based on combinations of keywords and concepts.
From unstructured documents to data stores.
Kina provides tools to make it easy to send extracted structured information to data lakes, warehouses and cloud systems, such as AWS Lambda.

Turbocharge Classification and Indexing.

Simplify your document naming by making it transparent and consistent for your organization. Your organization doesn’t have to struggle with manual classification, bar-code technology or separator sheets. Kina can classify documents based on what they look like or based on what information they contain.
Defensive and consistent classification. Identify, separate, classify and automatically apply rules and policies to documents as they enter your environment or processes, regardless of source or channel. Reuse those same rules on content that exist in your organization already.
Train KINA by example. You don’t need to write code to leverage Kina as part of your classification and naming scheme. Just provide one or more examples to Kina and it will learn the layouts and structure.
Build rules that act on documents groups. Kina allows you to build rules and policy based on groups of documents (such as Purchase Order or Account Statement).
Process matters. Different functions in organizations use and name documents differently. Kina allows for grouping and naming based on business process for maximal flexibility.
Reduce risk. By classifying and extracting information from documents you can produce reporting that allows improved retention rules. Keep the documents and information you need and eliminate the ones you don’t.

Improved Controls and Compliance.

Implement automated handling and targeted review of documents by the right people.
Keep information private. Kina enables separation of document review and access by appropriate and authorized individuals with defensible access controls.
Segregate and collaborate.
Does your business process work with sensitive documents? Kina can segregate document review and approval to appropriate individuals using encryption technology and access lists.
Scale compliance and policy enforcement.
Leverage Kina to detect, flag and route documents and email that contain sensitive information such as social security numbers, account numbers, and other configurable elements. Ensure documents are signed with signature detection and have the required pages.
Respond faster to regulators and auditors.
By eliminating the document free for all, Kina provides consistency in how documents are named and how they are processed allowing for more productive users and audit activities.
Risk management.
Consistent identification, information extraction and processing allows you to keep the documents and information you need and eliminate the ones you don’t.

Organizing Scanned Documents.

Scanned Documents? No problem.
If your organization receives scanned documents, Kina can elevate your ability to accurately identify and extract the information.
Separation and naming.
No need to send documents separately. Kina will automatically separate a large group of documents and classify and index them individually.
Multifunction device ready.
Send to a Kina email address for direct processing or route to a shared folder and let Kina upload the document. Kina enables you to leverage your MFD as part of your process.
Full page OCR and image enhancement.
Kina will full page OCR your documents as well as clean up scanned document images to make searching and using your scanned documents easier.

Augment Document Information With Kina Forms.

Sometimes additional information is required.
It is common to require more information for a process than what is contained in a document. Kina makes it easy to create digital forms that can collect additional information that travels with a particular document through your workflows.
Controlled web data collection.
Whether a document comes from a scanner, email attachment, or other source, Kina can help your organization make sure it has the necessary information quickly and easily. Using the Kina Form Builder you can collect free form text, multiple choices, single choices and dates. Expose the form as part of a document review queue to make a natural data collection process that aligns with your workflow.

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