Streamline Your Operations

Collect, Extract, Collaborate and Store

The BFF for Operations

Kina automates document capture, processing, review, and action, improving your organization’s response time, accuracy, and controls.

Using a browser, our drag and drop designer, and standard English, you tell Kina how to work within your processes, policies and controls.

Kina recognizes documents and then applies the rules for validation, comparison, extraction, workflow, and filing.  Kina reduces human error, while improving speed, security, and accuracy.

Simple Language

It’s as simple as:

On page 1, collect field "Account Number".

With just that, Kina will intelligently search for the field labeled Account Number on page 1, and place it in the data structure returned for that document, regardless if the document is scanned, emailed, or faxed.

Kina Automates Your Processes

Automate Reconciliation of Invoices To Purchase Orders

Automate Information Comparison and Validation Across Financial Documents

Automate the Detection And Control Of Social Security Numbers and Employee Information in Documents

Supplier or Customer can’t send you EDI?  No Problem.  Kina turns PDFs into EDI, simplifying your processes and improving timing.

Advanced Processing Capabilities

Intelligent Automated Document Identification

Kina separates, identifies and validates documents and their data which are used in your organization’s processes. Kina can interact with email, shared drive content, uploads, and directly with your applications.   Kina can learn new document types with only one example document.

Information Extraction, Comparison and Reconciliation

Kina extracts information from PDFs, Excel, TIFF, Word and more. Whether you require a single value, tables, or fields, Kina will read it, store it, and use it for reconciliation with other documents and data sources.  During and after the workflow, Kina can provide a data feed tailored specifically for use by other systems.

Operational Workflow

Kina can take care of the process beginning to end, or easily participate in your existing operational workflows.  Kina automates your business rules, and interacts with your team via user review queues, email, and triggers.  Completed work can be routed to destinations in your environment or in the cloud.

Security in Transit and at Rest

Your transaction information is encrypted using PKI and AES-256 encryption within Kina. Every user is issued a private key that only they can use to unlock documents and information they are entitled to see.

No Coding Required

Kina has a simple browser based drag and drop process and queue designer that makes life easier for describing what you need Kina to do.

Storage and Integration

Once a document completes processing, Kina can send documents to locations in your environment and send the structured information to your applications.   Or choose to store your information and documents within the Kina Library, controlled by your designated access and retention policies.

Happy Customers

“Kina has reduced our processing time for key client requests by 70% and we plan on leveraging it across our organization. I would absolutely recommend Kina to any organization that manually processes document based information.”

– Boris Hernández, Technology & Communications Manager,
Merlet Group

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