Happy Customers

“Kina has reduced our processing time for key client requests by 70% and we plan on leveraging it across our organization. I would absolutely recommend Kina to any organization that manually processes document based information.” Boris Hernández, Technology & Communications Manager Merlet Group
"Kina has provided our customers with online access to critical documents, increasing the reach of our services to digital channels. This has reduced our processing times and error by an extraordinary rate, and provided us with new business opportunities and partners. I would absolutely recommend Kina to any organization that wants to take the next step towards Digital Transformation and Process Automation." Estrella Bernal, CEO DPS Gestión Documental
"The team and I have been working with Kina for about a year to develop a complex extraction and analysis solution for document based financial data. Kina is a unique solution that has helped us to use our existing information as well as help us differentiate Blueswipe in the market." Tim Ryan, CEO Blueswipe

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