What is Kina?

In a nutshell, Kina is a software platform that can do all of the following:

  • Automated Document Recognition and Classification
  • Reconcile information from one document to another, such as purchase order to invoice
  • Document separation and validation
  • Sophisticated data extraction from tables, statements, fields and identifying elements in PDF and Excel.
  • Document workflow and collaboration between people, teams and organizations
  • Content based classification of documents: name documents and perform actions based on the entities and concepts within a document
  • Build workflow and business rules visually, in your browser, with no tools or software.
  • Connect to cloud resources such as Box.com, Amazon and DropBox.
  • Listen passively to mailing lists and process email and documents that match those criteria
  • Present documents for people to review, add additional information and perform human-centric decisions.
  • Provide electronic forms alongside documents for additional information collection
  • Send alerts and create triggers on specific content, information, categories and document types.

Kina functionality can be snapped together so the combinations are unlimited.

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